"No American woman, let her speak all the tongues, and play on all the instruments invented,
can be said to be educated, if she is not a good needle-woman."
-Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Stitching!

Who knew how winter weary we really were? Do you find yourself almost gleeful with the sunshine and early spring warmth? What a breath of (literal) fresh air! I know cooler temperatures are on the horizon again but the warmth of the past week has me ever hopeful that spring will arrive again this year!

Besides the sunshine and warmer weather, I have lots of spring stitching to share with you! Heart in Hand has a couple of new offerings already in the shops: Leggy Leprechaun, and Wee One: Spring Day. The response to the first of our Leggy Line series, Leggy Snowman, has been great! I hope you'll like the Leprechaun too and consider stitching this series all in a row...Leggy companion next to Leggy confidant, chums all in a row! I don't know exactly how many Leggy pals there will be but if you get a nice long piece of fabric you can add on to your Leggy Line however many you want. If you have extra fabric left and you want to complete your row, just cut off the excess linen and use it for another project! I designed Spring Day some months ago, long before I became winter weary! But stitching it helped me feel spring was close! Just the therapy I needed! Is stitching therapy for you too?

The Trilogy has some great new spring stitching for 2010! I'm excited to share pictures with you. I love them all but my heart of heart's favorite is Reunion of Hearts. This design was born when Ruth, Elizabeth, Marsha and I were Skype conferencing (YIKES! Can you believe what technology allows these days?) and we were trying to come up with ways to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Trilogy this year. Marsha suggested we return to the topic of the first design we published under the Trilogy name, Grateful Hearts. "This time," she wondered, "could we call it Reunion of Hearts?" (We lovingly call Marsha "Pearl" because she sits quietly during many of our group conversations and then, all of a sudden she speaks a pearl of wisdom which solves whatever dilemma we have been discussing. I love the insight she offers our friendship!) Making it to ten years is so special for the four of us. When we were considering a partnership we were told by some friends in the industry that going into business together would likely destroy our friendship. So we made a pact that friendship was first and business would always come second. And here we are! And we are happy to tell you our friendship remains!

Easter Treat, Lucky Tree, and Plant Hope are three other new Trilogy designs being shipped to the needlework shops this week. I love the quotation in Plant Hope. And Earth Day will be here before we know it! Do you know we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in 2010? Consider planting a tree to commemorate the day! Plant a little hope with the Trilogy this spring. Enjoy the warmth of early spring!