"No American woman, let her speak all the tongues, and play on all the instruments invented,
can be said to be educated, if she is not a good needle-woman."
-Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Today....Tomorrow?

Winter warriors are giddy this week here in southwestern Ohio. We actually hit 78 degrees within the last few days. My daffodils are dancing in the cool spring breezes. What joy! Tomorrow? High predicted to be only 42. Ugh. Ah well, Randy and I are off to Michigan tomorrow anyway. Ice and snow in their forecast today. Our daughter Elise is singing the role of Beth in the University of Michigan's opera Little Women. Cannot wait!

Wanted to quickly share a couple photos of new Trilogy designs we have released. Do ask your needlework shop to order them in if they haven't yet. Wedding Lineup is a perfect gift for your favorite newly married or not-so-newly married couple. Can't you just hear the tin cans clinking at the back of that getaway vehicle? ha! Instructions are included on how you can personalize the stitched design for the happy couple.

Spring Sneak Peek is the next in our popular Sneak Peek series. Bugs, gnomes, flowers and all things spring are peeking into view in this design. With the blizzard-of-a-winter Marsha endured in Oklahoma this year, I feel confident she just might be the most gleeful of all the Trilogy designers about spring! Elizabeth is our thread and fabric picking guru for the Trilogy. I think she did an awesome job with this one. The colors just make me happy. Hope you are finding time to stitch something that makes you happy this spring!