"No American woman, let her speak all the tongues, and play on all the instruments invented,
can be said to be educated, if she is not a good needle-woman."
-Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blessings Abound!

The dining room window was open the other day. The late afternoon air was crisp. The sounds of early autumn came tumbling in: neighbor twins crunching through the fallen leaves to get in a few last minutes on the swings, the crack of firewood being split by a hatchet, the high school marching band practicing after school. Where did summer go? Seems like yesterday we were sweating through the blistering heat to move my daughter from Michigan to New York City. And I still haven't been able to outwit the groundhog who likes my pots of blooming annuals. Now those leggy flowers need to be pulled out of their homes as we put the summer season to rest.

A new season of designs are being released. As we spend more time indoors, there are fresh products in the stores to revive our homes, to create as treasures for friends and family. I hope you will find something at your favorite needlework store to invigorate your home this autumn.

I really enjoyed working on the new two-part series of large leaflets, Notes to Self. These designs are all reminders I know I need frequently. I think so many of us get caught up in the rush of daily responsibilities that we forget what is important in life. Stitch this design and hang it where you will be reminded to value what really matters. Don't forget to purchase the Notes to Self  button package with embellishments specially dyed for this design.

It's a Cinch! Celebrate is a new kit intended for the celebration of life's achievements: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and the like. It's a Cinch! kits are quick to stitch and designs easy enough for a beginning stitcher. The kit includes fabric, embellishments and the chart.

Wee Santa 2011 is the 16th santa in this series! Hard to believe there have been that many. This St. Nick was a joy to stitch. The packages on his back are certain to hold holiday surprises! This is the first year we have included the embellishments inside every Wee Santa 2011 chart. Because of that, you will notice a pricing change, but all you need is some linen and thread and you will be set to stitch!

Doesn't Wee One: Snowman on a Hill make you smile? This fellow looks downright gleeful to be standing on that blustery hill surrounded by twinkling stars. His blue and green scarf is keeping him warm and the view of the scenery below is spectacular! So much fun to stitch! Just like Wee Santa 2011, we have included the button embellishments inside each Wee One: Snowman on a Hill chart.

I hope this update provided you with something new you wanted to stitch or the incentive to go catch up on the latest releases at your local needlework store or website. Better get stocked up on new supplies, before we know it, we will be holed up in our houses looking out at the snow ourselves! Enjoy this season of bounty!